10 Way SMA Power Divider & RF Power Splitter

• 10 Way Power dividers can be used as combiners or splitters

• Wilkinson and High isolation power dividers offer high isolation, blocking signal cross-talk between output ports

• Low insertion loss and good return loss

• Wilkinson power dividers offer excellent amplitude and phase balance

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1. Concept’s 10-way power splitter can divide the input signal into 10 equal and identical signals. It can also be used as a power combiner where the common port is output and 10 equal power ports are used as input. 10-way power splitters are widely used in wireless systems to distribute power evenly throughout the system.

2. Concept’s 10-way power splitter is available in narrowband and wideband configurations, covering frequencies from DC-6GHz. They are designed to handle 20 to 30 watts of input power into a 50 ohm transmission system. Utilize microstrip or stripline designs and optimize for best performance.


Part  Number  Ways Frequency
VSWR Isolation Amplitude
CPD00500M03000A10 10-way 0.5-3GHz 2.00dB 1.80 : 1 17dB ±1.00dB ±10°
CPD00500M06000A10 10-way 0.5-6GHz 3.00dB 2.00 : 1 15dB ±1.00dB ±10°
CPD00800M04200A10 10-way 0.8-4.2GHz 2.50dB 1.70 : 1 18dB ±1.00dB ±10°


1. Input power is specified for load VSWR better than 1.20:1.
2. Insertion loss above 10.0dB theoretical 10-way power divider split loss.
3. To maintain optimum signal integrity and power transfer, remember to terminate all unused ports with a well-matched 50 ohm coaxial load.

We provide you with OED&ODM services, and can provide 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 6-way, 8-way, 10-way, 12-way, 16-way, 32-way and 64-way customized power splitters. Choose from SMA, SMP, N-Type, F-Type, BNC, TNC, 2.4mm and 2.92mm connectors.

Concept offers the highest quality power dividers and power combiners for commercial and military applications in the frequency range from DC to 40 GHz. If you have more needs, please email your request to sales@concept-mw.com so that we can propose an immediate solution.

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