Wideband Coaxial 20dB Directional Coupler




• Microwave Wideband 20dB Directional Couplers, up to 40 Ghz

• Broadband, Multi Octave Band with SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm connector

• Custom and optimized designs are available

• Directional, Bidirectional, and Dual Directional


Directional coupler is a device that samples a small amount of Microwave power for measurement purposes. The power measurements include incident power, reflected power, VSWR values, etc

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Concept’s directional couplers are used in power monitoring and leveling, microwave signal sampling, reflection measurement and laboratory test and measurement, defense military, antenna and other signal related applications respectively.



1. Laboratory test and measurement equipment
2. Mobile telecommunication equipment
3. Military and defense communication systems
4. Satellite communications equipment

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Technical Details

Part Number Frequency Coupling Flatness Insertion
Directivity VSWR
CDC00698M02200A20  0.698-2.2GHz 20±1dB ±0.6dB 0.4dB 20dB 1.2 : 1
CDC00698M02700A20  0.698-2.7GHz 20±1dB ±0.7dB 0.4dB 20dB 1.3 : 1
CDC01000M04000A20 1-4GHz 20±1dB ±0.6dB 0.5dB 20dB 1.2 : 1
CDC00500M06000A20 0.5-6GHz 20±1dB ±0.8dB 0.7dB 18dB 1.2 : 1
CDC00500M08000A20 0.5-8GHz 20±1dB ±0.8dB 0.7dB 18dB 1.2 : 1
CDC02000M08000A20 2-8GHz 20±1dB ±0.6dB 0.5dB 20dB 1.2 : 1
CDC00500M18000A20 0.5-18GHz 20±1dB ±1.0dB 1.2dB 10dB 1.6 : 1
CDC01000M18000A20 1-18GHz 20±1dB ±1.0dB 0.9dB 12dB 1.6 : 1
CDC02000M18000A20 2-18GHz 20±1dB ±1.0dB 1.2dB 12dB 1.5 : 1
CDC04000M18000A20 4-18GHz 20±1dB ±1.0dB 0.6dB 12dB 1.5 : 1
CDC27000M32000A20 27-32GHz 20±1dB ±1.0dB 1.2dB 12dB 1.5 : 1
CDC06000M40000A20 6-40GHz 20±1dB ±1.0dB 1.0dB 10dB 1.6:1
CDC18000M40000A20 18-40GHz 20±1dB ±1.0dB 1.2dB 12dB 1.6:1


1. Input power is rated for load VSWR better than 1.20:1.
2. The physical loss of the coupler from input to output in the specified frequency range. The total loss is the sum of the coupled loss and the insertion loss. (Insertion loss+0.04db coupled loss ).
3. Other configurations, such as different frequencies or different couplines, are available under different part numbers.

We provide ODM&OEM services for you, and can provide 3dB, 6dB, 10dB, 15dB, 20dB, 30dB, 40dB custom couplers respectively. SMA, N-Type, F-Type, BNC, TNC, 2.4mm and 2.92mm connectors are available for your choice.

For a specific application consult sales office at sales@concept-mw.com.

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