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RF Attenuator /Load

  • RF Fixed Attenuator & Load

    RF Fixed Attenuator & Load



    1. High Precision and High Power

    2. Excellent accuracy and repeatability

    3. Fixed attenuation level from 0 dB up to 40 dB

    4. Compact Construction – Lowest size

    5. 50 Ohm impedance with 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 7/16 DIN, BNC, N, SMA and TNC connectors


    Concept offering various high precision and high power coaxial fixed attenuators cover the frequency range DC~40GHz. The average power handling is from 0.5W to 1000watts.We are ability to match custom dB values with a variety of mixed RF connector combinations to make a high power fixed attenuator for your specific attenuator application.