Wideband Coaxial 6dB Directional Coupler




•  High Directivity and low I.L

•  Multiple, Flat Coupling Values available

•  Minimum coupling variation

•  Covering the entire range of 0.5 – 40.0 GHz


Directional Coupler is a passive device used for sampling incident and reflected microwave power, conveniently and accurately, with minimal disturbance to the transmission line. Directional couplers are used in many different testing applications where power or frequency needs to be monitored, leveled, alarmed or controlled

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Concept’s directional couplers are widely be used in applications for power monitoring and leveling, sampling of microwave signals, reflection measurements and for laboratory test and measurement, defense / military, antenna and other signal related uses.

6 dB directional coupler will provide an output of 6 dB below the input signal level, and a “Main Line” signal level which has very little loss (1.25 dB theoretically).


Availability: IN STOCK, NO MOQ and free for testing

Technical Details

Part Number Frequency Coupling Flatness Insertion
Directivity VSWR
CDC00698M02200A06  0.698-2.2GHz 6±1dB ±0.3dB 0.4dB 20dB 1.2 : 1
CDC00698M02700A06 0.698-2.7GHz 6±1dB ±0.8dB 0.65 18dB 1.3:1
CDC01000M04000A06 1-4GHz 6±0.7dB ±0.4dB 0.4dB 20dB 1.2 : 1
CDC02000M08000A06 2-8GHz 6±0.6dB ±0.35dB 0.4dB 20dB 1.2 : 1
CDC06000M18000A06 6-18GHz 6±1dB ±0.8dB 0.8dB 12dB 1.5 : 1
CDC27000M32000A06 27-32GHz 6±1dB ±0.7dB 1.2dB 10dB 1.6:1


1. Input power is rated for load VSWR better than 1.20:1.
2. Specifications are subject to change at any time without any notice.
3. Loss is the actual dissipated and reflected loss and does not include coupling loss. The total loss is the sum of the coupled loss and the insertion loss. (Insertion loss+1.25db coupled loss ).
4. Other configurations, such as different frequencies or different couplines, are available under different part numbers.

Our directional couplers are offered in a variety of connectorized with a broad range of coupling values ranging from 6dB to 50dB.Standard outlines are fitted with SMA or N type female connectors, but Concept can customize upon your request.

All requests answered by our qualifed salesteam , typically within 24 hours, except weekends and holidays. You can also email : sales@concept-mw.com.

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