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Waveguide Components

  • Microwave and Millimete Waveguide Filters

    Microwave and Millimete Waveguide Filters



    1. Bandwidths 0.1 to 10%

    2. Extremely Low Insertion Loss

    3. Custom Design for Customer Specific Requirements

    4. Avaliable in Bandpass , Lowpass , Highpass , Band-stop and Diplexer


    Waveguide filter is an electronic filter constructed with waveguide technology. Filters are devices used to allow signals at some frequencies to pass (the passband), while others are rejected (the stopband). Waveguide filters are most useful in the microwave band of frequencies, where they are a convenient size and have low loss. Examples of microwave filter use are found in satellite communications, telephone networks, and television broadcasting.

  • 3700-4200MHz C Band 5G Waveguide Bandpass Filter

    3700-4200MHz C Band 5G Waveguide Bandpass Filter

    CBF03700M04200BJ40 is a C band 5G bandpass filter with a passband frequency of 3700MHz to 4200MHz. The typical insertion loss of the bandpass filter is 0.3dB. The rejection frequencies are 3400~3500MHz ,3500~3600MHz and 4800~4900MHz.The typical rejection is 55dB at the low side and 55dB at the high side. The typical passband VSWR of the filter is better than 1.4. This waveguide band pass filter design is built with BJ40 flange. Other configurations are available under different part numbers.

    A bandpass filter is capacitively coupled between the two ports, offering rejection of both low frequency and high frequency signals and selecting a particular band referred to as the passband. Important specifications include the center frequency, passband (expressed either as start and stop frequencies or as a percentage of the center frequency), rejection and steepness of rejection, and width of the rejection bands.