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Bandpass Filter



•  Very low insertion loss, typically 1 dB or much less

•  Very high selectivity typically 50 dB to 100 dB

•  Broad, high frequency pass and stopbands

•  Ability to handle very high Tx power signals of its system and other wireless systems signals appearing at its Antenna or Rx input


Applications of the Bandpass Filter


•  Bandpass filters are used in a wide range of applications such as mobile devices

•  High-performance Bandpass filters are used in 5G supported devices to improve signal quality

•  Wi-Fi routers are using bandpass filters to improve signal selectivity and avoid other noise from surroundings

•  Satellite technology uses bandpass filters to choose the desired spectrum

•  Automated vehicle technology is using bandpass filters in their transmission modules

•  Other common applications of bandpass filters are RF test laboratories to simulate test conditions for various applications

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RF Bandpass filter is passive RF components used to pass signals within a specific frequency band and reject unwanted out-of-band signals, which are widely used in wireless transmitters and receivers for removing unwanted/noise signals . Important specifications include the center frequency, passband (expressed either as start and stop frequencies or as a percentage of the center frequency), rejection and steepness of rejection, and width of the rejection bands


Availability: NO MOQ, NO NRE and free for testing

Technical Details

Part Number Atten. Reject Band Pass Band
Pass Band
Pass Band
Reject Band Atten.
CBF00457M00002A01 40dB 453MHz 456MHz 1.50dB 458MHz 461.5MHz 40dB
CBF00570M00008A01 25dB 562.6MHz 566MHz 1.5dB 574MHz 577.4MHz 25dB
CBF00600M00020A01 40dB 490MHz 590MHz 1.30dB 610MHz 710MHz 40dB
CBF00642M00002A01 80dB 620MHz 641MHz 0.80dB 643MHz 660MHz 80dB
CBF00750M00100A01 75dB 650MHz 700MHz 1.00dB 800MHz 850MHz 85dB
CBF00769M00012A01 30dB 759MHz 763MHz 1.20dB 775MHz 779MHz 30dB
CBF00813M00015A01 60dB 780MHz 806MHz 0.7dB 821MHz 824MHz 20dB
CBF00827M00043A01 20dB 802MHz 806MHz 0.6dB 849MHz 851MHz 30dB
CBF00887M00004A01 40dB 880MHz 885MHz 1.50dB 889MHz 926MHz 70dB
CBF01000M00100A01 40dB 900MHz 950MHz 2.00dB 1050MHz 1100MHz 40dB
CBF01020M00015A01 80dB 1012.5MHz 1012.5MHz 0.90dB 1027.5MHz 1037.5MHz 80dB
CBF01400M00340A01 70dB 1000MHz 1230MHz 0.70dB 1570MHz 1850MHz 55dB
CBF02000M01200A01 30dB 1000MHz 1400MHz 1.00dB 2600MHz 3000MHz 20dB
CBF01482M00032A01 30dB 1412MHz 1466MHz 0.60dB 1498MHz 1536MHz 20dB
CBF01504M00025A01 50dB 1450MHz 1492MHz 1.40dB 1517MHz 1560MHz 70dB
CBF01535M00050A01 20dB 1484MHz 1510MHz 0.50dB 1560MHz N/A N/A
CBF01747M00075A01 70dB 1645MHz 1710MHz 1.10dB 1785MHz 1805MHz 50dB
CBF01747M00077A01 40dB 1690MHz 1709MHz 0.80dB 1786MHz 1805MHz 45dB
CBF01765M00030A01 75dB 1650MHz 1750MHz 0.80dB 1780MHz 1820MHz 75dB
CBF01747M00075A02 55dB 960MHz 1710MHz 0.40dB 1885MHz N/A N/A
CBF01950M00060A01 70dB 1900MHz 1920MHz 1.50dB 1980MHz 2003MHz 70dB
CBF02300M00240A01 60dB 2130MHz 2180MHz 0.40dB 2420MHz 2470MHz 60dB
CBF02305M00050A01 38dB 2225MHz 2280MHz 0.60dB 2330MHz 2388MHz 52dB
CBF02309M00028A01 55dB 2245MHz 2295MHz 0.70dB 2323MHz 2378MHz 55dB
CBF02330M00060A01 20dB 2295MHz 2300MHz 1.40dB 2360MHz 2365MHz 20dB
CBF05000M02000A01 60dB 3600MHz 4000MHz 2.00dB 6000MHz 6380MHz 60dB
CBF05500M00600A01 30dB 5000MHz 5200MHz 1.00dB 5800MHz 6000MHz 30dB
CBF06900M00200A01 30dB 6000MHz 6800MHz 1.00dB 7000MHz 7000MHz 30dB
CBF07500M00600A01 30dB 7000MHz 7200MHz 1.20dB 7800MHz 8000MHz 30dB
CBF08000M00100A01 40dB 7900MHz 7950MHz 3.00dB 8050MHz 8100MHz 40dB
CBF09000M00500A01 40dB 8500MHz 8750MHz 1.50dB 9250MHz 9500MHz 40dB
CBF09500M00600A01 30dB 9000MHz 9200MHz 1.50dB 9800MHz 10000MHz 30dB
CBF10000M00010A01 30dB 9985MHz 10000MHz 5.00dB 10000MHz 10015MHz 30dB
CBF11000M01000A01 30dB 10000MHz 10400MHz 1.50dB 11600MHz 12000MHz 30dB
CBF11500M00600A01 30dB 11000MHz 11200MHz 1.50dB 11800MHz 11800MHz 30dB
CBF13000M01200A01 30dB 12000MHz 12400MHz 1.50dB 13600MHz 14000MHz 30dB
CBF13250M00100A01 40dB 12300MHz 13200MHz 1.50dB 13300MHz 13700MHz 40dB
CBF14450M00100A01 45dB 13000MHz 14400MHz 1.00dB 14500MHz 16000MHz 45dB
CBF16000M01200A01 35dB 15000MHz 15400MHz 1.50dB 16600MHz 17000MHz 35dB
CBF17000M01200A01 35dB 16000MHz 16400MHz 1.50dB 17600MHz 18000MHz 35dB
CBF20000M27500A01 55dB 13000MHz 20000MHz 1.00dB 27500MHz 30000MHz 50dB
CBF25000M32000A01 55dB 16000MHz 25000MHz 1.00dB 32000MHz 32000MHz 50dB
CBF36000M42000A01 45dB 31500MHz 36000MHz 1.50dB 42000MHz 45000MHz 45dB
CBF40000M46000A01 45dB 34500MHz 40000MHz 1.70dB 46000MHz 50000MHz 45dB


Specifications are subject to change at any time without any notice.

OEM and ODM filters are welcomed. Lumped-element, microstrip, cavity, LC structures custom filters are avaliable according to different applications. SMA, N-Type, F-Type, BNC, TNC, 2.4mm and 2.92mm connectors are avaliable for option.

Please feel freely to contact with us if you need any different requirements or a customized filters: sales@concept-mw.com.

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