Whether Cavity Duplexers and Filters will Be Completely Replaced by Chips in The Future

It is unlikely that cavity duplexers and filters will be entirely displaced by chips in the foreseeable future, mainly for the following reasons:

1. Performance limitations. Current chip technologies have difficulty achieving the high Q factor, low loss, and high power handling that cavity devices can provide. This is primarily constrained by the relatively high conductive losses on chips.

2. Cost considerations. Cavity devices have a relatively low BUILD cost, with significant price advantage in high volume production. Complete replacement with chips still has some cost disadvantages in the foreseeable future.

3. Power and frequency range. Cavity devices can accommodate very wide bandwidths and high power applications, which are weaknesses of chips. Some specific applications still need passive components like cavity devices.

4. Size and form factor. While cavity devices have size limitations, their unique form factor still has advantages in extremely size-constrained systems.

5. Maturity and reliability. Cavity technology has accumulated decades of experience, with proven reliability and stability. New technologies require a certain qualification period.

6. Special requirements. Cavity devices remain indispensable for some military and aerospace systems with extreme environmental adaptability requirements.

7. System integration needs. Future system-level integration still requires the organic combination of different technologies, with cavity devices playing a synergistic role.

In summary, the unique advantages of cavity duplexers and filters are difficult to completely displace by chip technologies in some performance-driven areas. The two will likely achieve organic supplementation and coordinated development in the foreseeable future. However, the trend towards intelligent and integrated cavity devices is imperative.

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Whether Cavity Duplexers and Filters will Be Completely Replaced by Chips in The Future

Post time: Sep-08-2023