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Highpass Filter



• Small size and excellent performances

• Low passband insertion loss and high rejection

• Broad, high frequency pass and stopbands

• Lumped-element, microstrip, cavity, LC structures are avaliable according to different applications


Applications of the Highpass Filter


• Highpass filters are used to reject any low-frequency components for the system

• RF laboratories use highpass filters to build various test setups which require low-frequency isolation

• High Pass Filters are used in harmonics measurements to avoid fundamental signals from the source and only allow high-frequency harmonics range

• Highpass Filters are used in radio receivers and satellite technology to attenuate low-frequency noise


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    High Pass Filter is the exact opposite to the low pass filter circuit as the two components have been interchanged with the filters output signal now being taken from across the resistor. Where as the low pass filter only allowed signals to pass below its cut-off frequency point, ƒc, the passive high pass filter circuit as its name implies, only passes signals above the selected cut-off point, ƒc eliminating any low frequency signals from the waveform.


    Availability: NO MOQ, NO NRE and free for testing

    Technical Details

    Part Number Passband Frequency  Insertion Loss  Rejection  VSWR
    CHF01000M18000A01 1-18GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-0.8GHz 2
    CHF01100M09000A01 1.1-9.0GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-9.46GHz 2
    CHF01200M13000A01 1.2-13GHz 2.0dB 40dB@0.96-1.01GHz,50dB@DC-0.96GHz 2
    CHF01500M14000A01 1.5-14GHz 1.5dB 50dB@DC-1.17GHz 1.5
    CHF01600M12750A01 1.6-12.75GHz 1.5dB 40dB@DC-1.1GHz 1.8
    CHF02000M18000A01 2-18GHz 2.0dB 45dB@DC-1.8GHz 1.8
    CHF02483M18000A01  2.4835-1.8GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-1.664GHz 2
    CHF02500M18000A01 2.5-18GHz 1.5dB 40dB@DC-2.0GHz 1.6
    CHF02650M07500A01 2.65-7.5GHz 1.8dB 70dB@DC-2.45GHz 2
    CHF02783M18000A01 2.7835-18GHz 1.8dB 70dB@DC-2.4835GHz 2
    CHF03000M12750A01 3-12.75GHz 1.5dB 40dB@DC-2.7GHz 2
    CHF03000M18000A01 3-18GHz 2.0dB 40dB@DC-2.7GHz 1.6
    CHF03100M18000T15A 3.1-18GHz 1.5dB 40dB@DC-2.48GHz 1.5
    CHF04000M18000A01 4-18GHz 2.0dB 45dB@DC-3.6GHz 1.8
    CHF04200M12750T13A 4.2-12.75GHz 2.0dB 40dB@DC-3.8GHz 1.7
    CHF04492M18000A01 4.492-18GHz 2.0dB 40dB@DC-4.2GHz 2
    CHF05000M22000A01 5-22GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-4.48GHz 1.7
    CHF05850M18000A01 5.85-18GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-3.9195GHz 2
    CHF06000M18000A01 6-18GHz 1.0dB 50dB@DC-0.61GHz,25dB@2.5GHz 2
    CHF06000M24000A01 6-24GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-5.4GHz 1.8
    CHF06500M18000A01 6.5-18GHz 2.0dB 40@5.85GHz,62@DC-5.59GHz 1.8
    CHF07000M18000A01 7-18GHz 2.0dB 40dB@DC-6.5GHz 2
    CHF08000M18000A01 8-18GHz 2.0dB 50dB@DC-6.8GHz 2
    CHF08000M25000A01 8-25GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-7.25GHz 1.8
    CHF08400M17000Q12A 8.4-17GHz 5.0dB 85dB@8.025-8.35GHz 1.5
    CHF11000M24000A01 11-24GHz 2.5dB 60dB@DC-6.0GHz,40dB@6.0-9.0GHz 1.8
    CHF11700M15000A01 11.7-15GHz 1.0dB 15dB@DC-9.8GHz 1.3


    1. Specifications are subject to change at any time without any notice.
    2. Default is SMA female connectors. Consult factory for other connector options.

    OEM and ODM servies are welcomed. Lumped-element, microstrip, cavity, LC structures custom filters are avaliable according to different applications. SMA, N-Type, F-Type, BNC, TNC, 2.4mm and 2.92mm connectors are avaliable for option.

    Our products are available in any Configuration, contact our sales team for details: sales@concept-mw.com.

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