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Notch Filter & Band-stop Filter




• Small size and excellent performances

• Low passband insertion loss and high rejection

• Broad, high frequency pass and stopbands

• Offering full range of 5G NR standard band notch Filters


Typical Applications of the Notch Filter :


• Telecom Infrastructures

• Satellite Systems

• 5G Test & Instrumentation& EMC

•  Microwave Links

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Notch filter known also as a band stop filter or band stop filter, blocks and rejects frequencies that lie between its two cut-off frequency points passes all those frequencies either side of this range. It is another type of frequency selective circuit that functions in exactly the opposite way to the Band Pass Filter we looked at before. Band-stop filter can be represented as a combination of low-pass and high-pass filters if the bandwidth is wide enough that the two filters do not interact too much.


Availability: NO MOQ, NO NRE and free for testing

Technical Details

Part Number Notch Band Rejection Passband 1  Passband  2 I.L VSWR
CNF00400M00460A01 400-460MHz 60dB DC-390MHz 480-1500MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF00703M00748Q08A1 703-748MHz 60dB DC-688MHz 763-1800MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF00703M00803Q12A 703-803MHz 45dB DC-693MHz 813-2000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF00746M00756Q06A 746-756MHz 40dB DC-731MHz 771-2000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF00663M00698Q08A 663-698MHz 50dB DC-651MHz 710-2000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF00699M00716Q06A1 699-716MHz 40dB DC-684MHz 729-2000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF00758M00803A02 758-803MHz 40dB DC-743MHz 818-1800MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF00777M00787Q06A 777-787MHz 45dB DC-762MHz 802-2000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF00814M00849Q08A1 814-849MHz 45dB DC-799MHz 864-2000MHz 1.50dB 2
CNF00824M00849A01 824-849MHz 40dB DC-804MHz 869-1800MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF00832M00862Q08A 832-862MHz 40dB DC-821MHz 897-1800MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF00869M00894Q06A 869-894MHz 40dB DC-854MHz 909-2000MHz 1.50dB 2
CNF00880M00915Q06A 880-915MHz 40dB DC-860MHz 935-2000MHz 1.50dB 2
CNF00902M00928N02 902-928MHz 45dB DC-896MHz 934-2500MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF00921M00960A01 921-960MHz 40dB DC-911MHz 970-1800MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF00935M00960Q08A 935-960MHz 40dB DC-925MHz 970-1600MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF01400M01600Q12A 1400-1600MHz 60dB DC-1340MHz 1660-5000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF01452M01496Q08A 1452-1496MHz 40dB DC-1437MHz 1511-3500MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF01695M01710N01  1695-1710MHz 80dB DC-1685MHz 1720-5000MHz 2.50dB 2
CNF01710M01780Q10A 1710-1780MHz 40dB DC-1695MHz 1795-3000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF01800M02000A01 1800-2000MHz 40dB DC-1750MHz 2050-3000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF01805M01880N01 1805-1880MHz 60dB DC-1785Hz 1900-6000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF01850M01915Q10A 1850-1915MHz 45dB DC-1835MHz 1930-4200MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF01880M01920A07 1880-1920MHz 40dB DC-1865MHz 1935-3000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF01920M01980Q08A 1920-1980MHz 40dB DC-1900MHz 2010-3000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF01930M01990Q10A 1930-1990MHz 40dB DC-1915MHz 2005-5000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF02110M02155Q08A 2110-2155MHz 40dB DC-2095MHz 2170-4200MHz 1.80dB 2
CNF02110M02170N01 2110-2170MHz 60dB DC-2090MHz 2190-6000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF02110M02200Q10A 2110-2200MHz 40dB DC-2095MHz 2215-4200MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF02200M02600A01  2200-2600MHz 50dB DC-2150MHz 2650-8000MHz 2.50dB 2
CNF02300M02400Q12A  2300-2400MHz 60dB DC-2285MHz 2415-3000MHz 2.50dB 2
CNF02300M02400N01  2300-2400MHz 80dB DC-2273MHz 2427-6000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF02400M02485Q10A1 2400-2485MHz 40dB DC-2375MHz 2510-5500MHz 2.00dB 1.5
CNF02400M02500A04T 2400-2500MHz 50dB DC-2170MHz 3000-18000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF02500M02570A01 2500-2570MHz 40dB DC-2485MHz 2585-4000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF02570M02620Q08A 2570-2620MHz 40dB DC-2555MHz 2635-4000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF02620M02690Q10A 2620-2690MHz 40dB DC-2605MHz 2705-4200MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF03300M03800A02 3300-3800MHz 40dB DC-3270MHz 3830-8000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF03300M03850A02 3300-3850MHz 40dB DC-3270MHz 3880-8000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF03300M04200Q16A 3300-3850MHz 70dB DC-3200MHz 4300-6500MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF03400M03600Q12A 3400-3600MHz 45dB DC-3370MHz 3630-8000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF03550M03700A02  3550-3700MHz 80dB DC-3520MHz 3730-8000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF03600M03800Q12A 3600-3800MHz 45dB DC-3570MHz 3830-8000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF03850M04200A02 3850-4200MHz 40dB DC-3820MHz 4230-8000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF04400M05000A01 4400-5000MHz 40dB DC-4370MHz 5030-8000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF04400M05000A04 4400-5000MHz 80dB DC-4340MHz 5060-8000MHz 3.00dB 2.5
CNF05150M05250A01 5150-5250MHz 80dB DC-5125MHz 5275-8000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF05150M05850Q16A 5150-5850MHz 50dB DC-5000MHz 6000-18000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF05150M05925Q16A 5150-5925MHz 50dB DC-5000MHz 6125-8000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF05250M05350A01 5250-5350MHz 80dB DC-5225MHz 5375-8000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF05400M05900A01 5400-5900MHz 40dB DC-5100MHz 6200-12000MHz 2.00dB 2
CNF05470M05725A01 5470-5725MHz 80dB DC-5420MHz 5775-8000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF05725M05850A01 5725-5850MHz 80dB DC-5695MHz 5880-8000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF05925M06425Q13A 5925-6425MHz 40dB DC-5875MHz 6475-18000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF06425M06525Q13A 6425-6525MHz 40dB DC-6375MHz 6575-18000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF06525M06875Q13A 6525-6875MHz 40dB DC-6475MHz 6925-18000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF06875M07125Q13A 6875-7125MHz 40dB DC-6825MHz 7175-18000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF24000M24250Q08A 24000-24250MHz 40dB DC-23000MHz 25250-40000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF24250M27500Q08A 24250-27500MHz 40dB DC-22750MHz 29000-50000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF26500M29500Q08A  26500-29500MHz 40dB DC-25000MHz 31000-50000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF27500M28350Q08A  27500-28350MHz 40dB DC-26300MHz 29550-50000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF37000M40000Q08A 37000-40000MHz 40dB DC-35500MHz 41500-50000MHz 3.00dB 2
CNF39500M43500Q08A 39500-43500MHz 40dB DC-38000MHz 45000-50000MHz 3.00dB 2


1. Specifications are subject to change at any time without any notice.
2. Default is SMA female connectors. Consult factory for other connector options.

OEM and ODM servies are welcomed. Lumped-element, microstrip, cavity, LC structures custom filters are avaliable according to different applications. SMA, N-Type, F-Type, BNC, TNC, 2.4mm and 2.92mm connectors are avaliable for option.

Please feel freely to contact with us if you need any different requirements or a customized notch filter : sales@concept-mw.com.

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