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Lowpass Filter




• Small size and excellent performances

• Low passband insertion loss and high rejection

• Broad, high frequency pass and stopbands

• Concept’s low pass filters are ranging from DC up to 30GHz , handle power up to 200 W


Applications of Low Pass Filters


• Cut off high-frequency components in any system above its operating frequency range

• Low pass filters are used in radio receivers to avoid high-frequency interference

• In RF test laboratories, low pass filters are used to construct complex test setups

• In RF transceivers, LPFs are used to significantly improve the low-frequency selectivity and signal quality

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Lowpass filter has a direct connection from input to output, passing DC and all frequencies below some specified 3 dB cutoff frequency. After the 3 dB cutoff frequency the insertion loss increases dramatically and the filter (ideally) rejects all frequencies above this point. Physically realizable filters have ‘re-entry’ modes that limit the high frequency capability of the filter. At some higher frequency the rejection of the filter degrades, and higher frequency signals can appear at the output of the filter.


Availability: NO MOQ, NO NRE and free for testing

Technical Details

Part  Number Passband  Insertion Loss  Rejection  VSWR
CLF00000M00500A01 DC-0.5GHz 2.0dB 40dB@0.6-0.9GHz 1.8
CLF00000M01000A01 DC-1.0GHz 1.5dB 60dB@1.23-8GHz 1.8
CLF00000M01250A01 DC-1.25GHz 1.0dB 50dB@1.56-3.3GHz 1.5
CLF00000M01400A01 DC-1.40GHz 2.0dB 40dB@@1.484-11GHz 2
CLF00000M01600A01 DC-1.60GHz 2.0dB 40dB@@1.696-11GHz 2
CLF00000M02000A03 DC-2.00GHz 1.0dB 50dB@2.6-6GHz 1.5
CLF00000M02200A01 DC-2.2GHz 1.5dB 60dB@2.650-7GHz 1.5
CLF00000M02700T07A DC-2.7GHz 1.5dB 50dB@4-8.0MHz 1.5
CLF00000M02970A01 DC-2.97GHz 1.0dB 50dB@3.96-9.9GHz 1.5
CLF00000M04200A01 DC-4.2GHz 2.0dB 40dB@4.452-21GHz 2
CLF00000M04500A01 DC-4.5GHz 2.0dB 50dB@@6.0-16GHz 2
CLF00000M05150A01 DC-5.150GHz 2.0dB 50dB@@6.0-16GHz 2
CLF00000M05800A01 DC-5.8GHz 2.0dB 40dB@@6.148-18GHz 2
CLF00000M06000A01 DC-6.0GHz 2.0dB 70dB@@9.0-18GHz 2
CLF00000M08000A01 DC-8.0GHz 0.35dB 25dB@9.6GHz,55dB@15GHz 1.5
CLF00000M12000A01 DC-12.0GHz 0.4dB 25dB@14.4GHz,55dB@18GHz 1.7
CLF00000M13600A01 DC-13.6GHz 0.8dB 25dB@22GHz,40dB@25.5-40GHz 1.5
CLF00000M18000A02 DC-18.0GHz 0.6dB 25dB@21.6GHz,50dB@24.3GHz 1.8
CLF00000M23600A01 DC-23.6GHz 1.3dB ≥25dB@27.7GHz , ≥40dB@33GHz 1.7


1. Specifications are subject to change at any time without any notice.
2. Default is SMA female connectors. Consult factory for other connector options.

OEM and ODM servies are welcomed. Lumped-element, microstrip, cavity, LC structures custom filters are avaliable according to different applications. SMA, N-Type, F-Type, BNC, TNC, 2.4mm and 2.92mm connectors are avaliable for option.

Please feel freely to contact with us if you need any different requirements or a customized divider: sales@concept-mw.com.

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