Cavity Notch Filter with 60dB Rejection from 37000MHz-40000MHz

Concept model CNF27500M30000T08A is a cavity notch filter/band stop filter with 60dB rejection from 37000MHzs-40000MHz . It has a Typ. 2.0dB insertion loss  and Typ.1.8 VSWR from DC-35500MHz and 41500-50000MHz with excellent temperature performances . This model is outfitted with 2.92mm-female connectors.

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Notch filter known also as a band stop filter or band stop filter, blocks and rejects frequencies that lie between its two cut-off frequency points passes all those frequencies either side of this range. It is another type of frequency selective circuit that functions in exactly the opposite way to the Band Pass Filter we looked at before. Band-stop filter can be represented as a combination of low-pass and high-pass filters if the bandwidth is wide enough that the two filters do not interact too much.


• Telecom Infrastructures
• Satellite Systems
• 5G Test & Instrumentation& EMC
• Microwave Links

Product Specifications

 Notch Band





DC-35500MHz & 41500-50000MHz

Insertion Loss




Average Power





1.Specifications are subject to change at any time without any notice.
2.Default is N-female connectors. Consult factory for other connector options.

OEM and ODM servies are welcomed. Lumped-element, microstrip, cavity, LC structures custom filter are avaliable according to different applications. SMA, N-Type, F-Type, BNC, TNC, 2.4mm and 2.92mm connectors are avaliable for option.

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