SMA DC-18000MHz 4 Way Resistive Power Divider

CPD00000M18000A04A is a Resistive power divider with 4 way SMA connectors that operates from DC to 18GHz. Input SMA female and outputs SMA female. Total loss is the 12dB splitting loss plus insertion loss. Resistive power dividers have poor isolation between ports and therefore they are not recommended for combining signals. They offer wideband operation with flat and low loss and excellent amplitude and phase balance to 18GHz . The power splitter has a nominal power handling of 0.5W (CW) and a typical amplitude unbalance of ±0.2dB. The VSWR for all ports is 1.5 typical.

Our power divider can split an input signal into 4 equal and identical signals and allows operation at 0Hz, so they’re ideal for Broadband applications. The downside is there’s no isolation between ports, & resistive dividers are normally low power, in the range of 0.5-1watt. In order to operate at high frequencies the resistor chips are small, so they don’t handle applied voltage well.

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    1. Excellent phase and amplitude tracking
    2. Available in wideband frequency bandwidths covering the range of DC – 8GHz and DC – 18.0 GHz
    3. Good VSWR and low insertion loss
    Availability: IN STOCK, NO MOQ and free for testing

    Min. Frequency


    Max. Frequency


    Number of the outputs

    4 Ports

    Insertion loss



    ≤1.70 (Input)

    ≤1.70 (Output)

    Amplitude Balance


    Phase Balance


    RF connector





    Input power is rated for load VSWR better than 1.20:1.
    The isolation of the resistive divider is equal to insertion loss which is 12.0 dB for the 4 way divider.
    Specifications are subject to change at any time without any notice. Contact Concept Microwave for the most recent specifications and data sheets

    OEM and ODM servies are welcomed, 2 way, 3 way, 5way, 6way, 8 way, 10way, 12way, 16way, 32way and 64 way customized power dividers are avaliable. We have as connector options SMA, N, 1.95mm, & 2.92mm

    Please feel freely to contact with us if you need any different requirements or a customized divider:

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